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The Mutuality and Reciprocity Lab at the University of Calgary was founded in 2016 by Dr. Yannick Griep in order to further knowledge in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, with a special focus on the employee-employer relationship. We have a collaborative agreement with the Research Group of Work and Organizational Psychology at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium and Dr. Tim Vantilborgh in particular. 

The majority of the research conducted at the Mutuality and Reciprocity Lab focusses on how employers can establish and maintain positive relationships with their employees. We examine factors that have a positive (trust, commitment, support, participation) and negative (breach of promises, workplace mistreatment, cynicism) influence on this relationship. Our lab is equally passionated about mentoring and training future scientists, preparing them for academic and non-academic careers.

The Mutuality and Reciprocity Lab currently houses two principal investigators (Dr. Yannick Griep & Dr. Tim Vantilborgh), three Ph.D. students (Sam Chow, Yang Yang, & Arjen Schippers), one Masters' student (Samantha Jones), and five research assistants (Alexandra Lukic, Mehnaz Rafi, Eunice Mingollo, Jason Tabor, Nicole Haddad, & Winnie Lee). 

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